Indian Head Massage

The History of Indian Head Massage has its roots in South Asia/India. For the families who still live in villages this tradition is still maintained. For example, family members and their friends give each other regular massages, that is, from children to grandparents/senior adults.

Everyone is involved. And although the roots of this tradition are being lost in the bigger cities due to more hectic lifestyles, you can still find a ‘massage man’ offering such treatments on the street for a few rupees.

In other countries across the globe this treatment is finding its way into health spas, hairdressers, and is given as an alternative form of massage in centres that conduct regular Swedish or Japanese style of massages.

Some of the benefits of Indian Head Massage are:

* Increases the supply of fresh oxygen and glucose to the brain.

* Relaxes the nervous system and reduces fatigue caused by
the stresses and strains of daily life.
* It can help to induce sleep.
* Energises the body and mind.

Ideally this treatment is conducted whereby the Therapist has skin contact with the client.  Oils can then be used for ease of movement across the skin. But if the client doesn’t have time or isn’t going directly home to shower after the treatment, the whole session can be conducted fully clothed. But, which ever way the treatment is conducted it is still effective for relaxing the mind and body, and giving the whole system an energy boost.

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Fees: A full 50 minute treatment is 45,00 euros
Express treatment for 20 minutes is 20,00 euros

To book your treatment with us at Natural Joki Flow please call us on 910 665 601.